24th Congress of ISL – Rome- 16-20 September 2013
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Walking Tours

Ancient Rome – Rise and fall of an Empire

(3 hours minimum, recommended visit in the morning – from 9.00 a.m.)

Go back in time 2000 years and see the city through the eyes of a real Roman in all of its splendor…and squalor! Relive a typical day while mastering ancient myths, traditions, games, battles, and conspiracies.

Did they really have naval battles in the Coliseum…?

Capitoline Hill (Breathtaking-view)

Roman Forum


Palatine Hill

The Circus Maximus


 Through eternity

(3 hours minimum, during the day or Rome by night)

Take a stroll through the heart of the Eternal City with a guide who brings to life it’s various periods which have all left their perpetual marks. Moving from ancient Roman buildings to medieval towers to baroque fountains and squares, you will be led through an unforgettable journey.

Why is throwing a coin into the Trevi Fountain a guarantee to come back to Rome…?

  • The Spanish Steps and the fashion District of Rome
  • Trevi Fountain (throwing the coin as a promise to return to Rome)
  • The Pantheon and its mysterious architecture
  • Piazza Navona (the most attractive roman square)
  • Campo de Fiori (where the night life of Rome starts)
  • The Talking Statues (the secret of a series of 5 talking statues)
  • The Church of St. Ignazio di Loyola
  • The Church of San Luigi dei Francesi (Caravaggio’s paintings inside)

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‘With the support of the President of the Italian Republic on. Giorgio Napolitano’

Prizes for young researchers:

-Three $600 ISL Presidential Prizes
- One 700€ 24th ISL COngress President Prize
will be awarded for young lymphologists to participate in the 24th International Congress of Lymphology in Rome. Read more
Under Moral Patronage of Most Eminent Highness The Prince and Grand Master Fra’ Matthew Festing

Under the Patronage of Regione Lazio

Under the Patronage of Roma the Capital