24th Congress of ISL – Rome- 16-20 September 2013
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General Terms & Conditions

1) INTRODUCTION: LEGAL STATUS OF Congress Partecipation Fee a) Legal decree n° 111 of 17th March 1995 is the actuation of directive 90/314/CE that provides protection for consumers in ensuring that the organisers and agents involved in the organization are authorised in compliance with article 3/1 of decree n° 111. b) You are entitled to receive a copy of the registration payment  (in accordance with art.6 of legal decree111/95/), which is an indispensable document for accessing the guaranteed funds made in section 16 of the present terms and conditions of the contract. Congress Participation is described as follows. With your fee payment you’re eligible to participate to the session you booked of 24th Congress of International Society of Lymphology Rome 16-20 Semptember 2013.

2) LEGAL SOURCES Contracts for purchasing fee are regulated by the general terms and conditions as well as the clauses stated in the documentation provided for the customer. The said contracts that are designed to apply both on national territory and abroad are compliant with L. 27/12/1977 N° 1084 ratified and executed under the International Convention for travel contracts, signed in Brussels 23/04/1970 as well as the aforementioned 111/95.

3) RESPONSIBLE ORGANISATIONS The cultural package referred to in the contract is organised for you by 24th Congress of International Society of Lymphology Organizing Commettee, head office in Rome via delle Costellazioni 371. 4

) BOOKINGS / RESERVATIONS Booking requests must be made on the designated form, either on paper or via electronic means, and each section needs to completed and signed by the client who will receive a copy. Binding acceptance of the booking contract occurs when the organiser sends out a confirmation in writing or by e-mail either to the customer or sales agent. We undertake to ensure that any details relevant to the tour package not included in the contractual documents, brochures leaflets or other forms of written communication will be supplied by us in accordance with leg. Decree 111/95 in good time prior to the commencement of the tour.

5) PAYMENTS you can register via website form and pay via Bank Transfer or Paypal payment

6) WITHDRAWALS & CANCELLATIONS (ARTICLES 11, 12 & 13 LEG. DECREE 111/95) 24th Congress Congress of International Society of Lymphology Organizing Commettee has brought together a variety of services that we acquire from suppliers in order to create our own tours.In order to guarantee that these services are made available to you, we in turn undertake contractual obligations with our suppliers once your booking is accepted. Accordingly articles 1372 & 1373 of the Civil Code concerning terms of withdrawal from contractual obligations constitute an exception to the general principle that contracts are totally binding other than in circumstances highlighted in leg. decree 111/95. Withdrawal from the contract can be agreed to however on the fundamental condition that the customer compensates Congress of International Society of Lymphology Organizing Commettee in full for all expenditure and losses incurred as a result of the withdrawal.

6.1 WITHDRAWAL OR CANCELLATION ON THE PART OF THE FEE WITHOUT ANY PENALTY Customers may withdraw from the contract without paying a penalty, save the loss of the cost of any insurance cover purchased at the time of booking, under the following circumstances: If significant modifications to the contract are requested by Congress of International Society of Lymphology Organizing Commettee after the contract has been concluded. Such a request to make modifications would be communicated directly from Congress of International Society of Lymphology Organizing Commettee or from agents responsible for selling services on our behalf. In which case you have the following alternative rights: -To avail yourself of another package of equivalent quality, or if unavailable, superior, without paying a supplement, or indeed inferior, in which case the difference in price would be refunded.

-To receive the part of the price already paid. Restitution should be made within 7 working days of receipt of the request for reimbursement. It is important to clarify that you need to communicate your decision to the organiser in writing within 2 working days of receipt of the proposed modifications. Should you not communicate a response, this will be interpreted as an acceptance of the new terms.

6.2 WITHDRAWAL OR CANCELLATION ON THE PART OF THE CUSTOMER WITH PENALTIES:  Whenever a CUSTOMER seeks to withdraw from the contract under any circumstances other than those described in 6.1 and its successive articles the following conditions apply: -6.2.1 every cancellation must be communicated to the head office of Congress of International Society of Lymphology Organizing Commettee by recorded delivery and will be valid as from the date of the postmark. The traveller will then be entitled to reimbursement, irrespective of the amount deposited subject to the subtraction of administrative costs relating to the cancellation, insurance fees and the penalties described below in accordance with article 1373 subsection iii. The calculation of the days included does not include the day that the cancellation was made and notification needs to arrive on a working day prior to the start of the tour. -6.2.2 Given the specific nature of the event, the following penalties apply in the event of a withdrawal after enrolment.

After confirmation of the booking, the cost of tickets and all costs pertaining to the purchase of them cannot be reimbursed.

On the residual sum of the package the following penalties apply:

-0% up to 30 working days prior to departure

-no reimbursement after these times.

-6.2.3 The organiser will not be held responsible if after the publication of the definitive program the Scientific Congress undergoes alteration (e.g. Substitution of the Speakers, Chairman, changes to the programme etc.) Participants refusing to accept such changes are subject to the penalties outlined in ­

-6.2.2 In addition, in the event of cancellation of the CONGRESS the face value of the FEE will be reimbursed.

7) CANCELLATION OF THE CONGRESS BY THE Congress of International Society of Lymphology Organizing Commettee In accordance with art.10 of law 1084 of 29th December 1977 the organiser may annul the contract totally or partially without making any compensatory payment in circumstances of force majeure (strikes, suspensions owing to adverse weather conditions, threat of war, civil and military disorder, uprisings, calamities, sackings and acts of terrorism). These and similar issues constitute grave cause and blame is not attributable to the organiser or its sales agents. In such exceptional circumstances any additional expenses incurred by the traveller will not be reimbursed nor can money spent on unfulfilled service obligations be recovered. In addition, the organiser is not responsible for any loss of servicecaused by delays or cancellations to transport by land, air and sea. Customers are entitled to repayment of sums already spent, but not compensation based on other damages. In all cases mentioned the traveller must be informed of any annulment by the organiser at least 20 days before leaving unless the cause is attributable to force majeure.

8) ALTERATIONS AFTER DEPARTURE After the commencement of the Congress, the Congress of International Society of Lymphology Organizing Commettee must make alternative provisions without surcharge, should it become impossible, for whatever reason, other than causes attributable to the traveller, to provide any significant part of the package specified in the contract. In circumstances where the substitution is of inferior worth to the original specification, the customer is entitled to a refund of equivalent value.

9) SUBSTITUTIONS Customers who withdraw may be substituted by others provided: a) The organiser is informed in writing of the circumstances of the substitution at least 4 working days prior to the date fixed for departure. b) The substitute participant satisfies all the conditions for the utilization of the services (ex art. 10 legal decree 111/95) and in particular the requirements relating to passports, visas and health certificates. c) The substitute participant will be informed of all the expenses entailed in the process and must pay these to the organiser before the substitution can be accepted. The customer who withdraws and his successor are entirely responsible for the payment of fees and costs covered under section c of the above article. Third party suppliers may refuse to accept such modifications even if they conforms to the terms laid out in section a. The Congress of International Society of Lymphology Organizing Commettee will not be responsible for any refusal to accept such modifications by third party suppliers. Such rejections will be communicated by the organiser to interested parties as a matter of urgency.

10) PARTICIPANTS’ OBLIGATIONS Participants must ensure they have individual passports or other appropriate documents valid for travel in all the countries on the itinerary until the end of their stay and final transit as well as any health certification that may be requested.

11) OUR RESPONSIBILITIES We are liable for damages to clients incurred through a total or partial breach of contract for which we, or a supplier acting on our behalf, is directly responsible, unless the reason is attributable to the consumer or to factors beyond the provision of services stipulated in the contract, force majeure or unforeseeable or unusual circumstances that the organiser, acting professionally and diligently, could not be expected to prevent or resolve. These responsibilities are set out in the laws and conventions cited above.

12) CLAIMS AND COMPLAINTS Customers should notify the organiser of any failures to comply with the contract without delay, so that Congress of International Society of Lymphology Organizing Commettee, our partners or representatives, can seek to redress their problems immediately. You will need to send notification of your claim or complaint, via recorded delivery with a record of receipt not more than 10 working days from the date of Congress.

13) FUNDED GUARANTEES In the event of the Congress of International Society of Lymphology Organizing Commettee responsible failing or becoming insolvent, customers may draw on a fund set up by decree of the Presidente del Consiglio 23/07/ 99 n° 349 G.U n° 249 of 12/10/99. In accordance with provisions under article 21 of the aforementioned decree Customers are entitled to a) reimbursement of sums already paid. The fund must also make money immediately available to those forced.

14) TREATMENT OF PERSONAL DATA In accordance with the decree covering the protection of personal data 196/20033, all information supplied by customers will be for forwarded exclusively in the context of the following: hotel accommodation; travel arrangements; services and improvements directly related to the smooth running of the aforementioned, alongside legal, banking and insurance services. You may exercise your right under article 7 of decree n° 196/2003 to adjust, include or cancel data supplied, by instructing the organisation responsible – Congress of International Society of Lymphology Organizing Commettee  LAWS 269/98 Congress of International Society of Lymphology Organizing Commettee is obliged to inform you in accordance with art. 16 of the law 3rd August 1998 N° 269 that the Italian law punishes with imprisonment, those who commit crimes relating to child prostitution or pornography even when they are committed abroad.

15) ADDENDUM: General Terms and Conditions for Contracts of Sale for Individual Tourist Services A) LEGAL REGULATIONS Contracts intended to provide single services such as Congress registration payment do not constitute ‘package tours’ and are governed by the Civil Code regarding travel: articles 1, n° 3 & n° 6; articles 17-23 & 24-31). B) CONTRACT CONDITIONS The following clauses from the general terms and conditions that govern the single service contracts: article 3 subsection 1; articles 4-8, article 9 subsection 1; article 10; article 14 subsection 1; articles 15 & 17. The application of these clauses does not imply however that single service contracts are in any way further subject to regulations governing package tours, organised travel etc. They are regulated by legislation that corresponds to the sale of individual tourist services such as accommodation etc.


Terms & Conditions for only tickets purchase:

All ticket prices are in Euro Currency. Ticket prices and availability are subject to change at any time. A confirmation receipt will be issued upon full payment. Congress of International Society of Lymphology Organizing Commettee reserves the right to provide upgrades on all ticket orders at no extra charge to the customer. Ticket deliveries are guaranteed no later than the day before the event unless stated otherwise, however every effort will be made to deliver tickets as early as possible. All tickets will be delivered by Congress of International Society of Lymphology Organizing Commettee, Congress of International Society of Lymphology Organizing Commettee will not be responsible for any weather delays, event postponements, event cancellations, lost or stolen tickets. In case of strikes, with cancellation of performances, we will refund the face value of the tickets only. Purchased tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged. Congress of International Society of Lymphology Organizing Commettee is an independent, privately-owned company engaged in the service of organazing the 24th Congress of International Society of Lymphology. We are not affiliated with, nor do we have any licenses or strategic alliances with, not are we authorized by any box office, promoter, venue, theatre, stadium, hotel, sporting team or sporting association. All and any copyrights, trademarks, trade names used within this web site are for descriptive purposes only. We are not acting on the authority of or by the permission of any of the above mentioned entities. We are able to provide access to tickets for events through our contacts and various sources. Our prices are much higher than the face value of the tickets. This reflects the degree of difficulty, and, of course the cost of obtaining tickets.

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