24th Congress of ISL – Rome- 16-20 September 2013
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News from the Committee

A big thank to everybody.

At the end of a scientific event it’s due for  anyone to  make comments and realize a final analysis of results .

As Organizer, I can and must deeply thank all those who contributed to the event.

First of all the participants, both of those who presented scientific papers (many, and all very interesting and stimulus for future studies) and those who have only attended or participated in discussions helping to further clarify the concepts expressed by others.

I wish to thank the Webmaster of Congress’ Website, prof. Domenico Perrone, who has been able to provide updates on the various incoming events in real time and with due communicative power , with patience and tenacity , providing a contribution far superior to what is required.

I thank the organizing company, exquisitely coordinated Viagra online by dr. Carla D’Agostino, who followed with discretion, professionalism and unwavering commitment all aspects of coordination, such as logistical and relational.

I thank the typographical work responsible, first of all Mr. Mario Nasso, for the competence, originality and good taste that helped make more enjoyable also the presentation of the works.

I thank my working TEAM for the strong support provided at all times and for a long time. In particular, dr . Marco Cardone and dr . Alessandro Fiorentino, as well as therapists Alessandro Failla, Giovanni Moneta and Lodovico Michelotti and all the others that have followed me with passion.

And I again thank my collegues and friends Vittorio Podagrosi and Guido Valle for their valuable support and comfort.

Once again I thank my Family that was close to me, advised me in many operational choices and shared with me the many moods that accompany the preparation of every important event of our live.

It is not for me to judge the conduct and outcome of the Congress. I can only say that I am personally satisfied, regardless of the many positive comments  have been addressed personally and have followed after the event with various messages (letters and e-mail).

I am satisfied for the serene atmosphere and mutual respect in which all the Congress occurred, the work, the context that accompanied them, and also for the technical choices that I have personally took for the various sessions and presentations.

Honestly, I would repeat the same choices, because I had a strong feeling that the participation of those presents, with the operating formulas adopted, was full, active and has allowed more people to listen and to act a bit on all subjects , despite the large number of papers presented .

Upon completion of my reflections, I want to emphasize two aspects that I consider very important:

–                   first, the call for sending the written version of presented scientific papers,  that will be reported fully in the Proceedings Volume according with instructions that you will find on the Website,

–                   and the near certainty (we will get all our efforts!) that all the sessions, which were recorded for the entire Congress, and all presentations will be published, within a reasonable time, on the Website to be reviewed and replayed and that the same will be the subject of a DVD that will complement of the printed Proceedings  themselves.


This work we will carry out even better to spread all that the International Society of Lymphology was able to express during the Rome Congress.

Thanks again to all the participants and a firm appointment for San Francisco 2015.



Sandro Michelini


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