24th Congress of ISL – Rome- 16-20 September 2013
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Walking Tours

Vatican Museums and St Peter’s Basilica

Vatican – Secrets and Mysteries

3 Hours Minimum with Local Guide

  • -Vatican Museums (Includes Sistine Chapel and Raphael rooms)
  • – St. Peter’s Basilica (visiting Michelangelo’s Pietà)
  • – Papal Crypt
  • – St. Peter’s Square


§ Morning tour 10:00 AM    Advanced ticketing guarantees no waiting in line.

Reservation minimum one day before.

§ Afternoon tour 02:00 PM 

Lines are usually not a problem at this hour; however, our guide will minimize any obstacles.

Under special request we can organize a tour at the Vatican Gardens and Vatican Excavations.

Angels and Demons

 Follow the path of “enlightenment” drawn out by Dan Brown in his famous novel set in Rome. Visit the four Altars of Science and discover the connection with the four elements of air, earth, water and fire.

What was the secret hidden by the Illuminati…?

Rome’s Underworld

Travel through the labyrinth which are the catacombs hidden under the city. Witness the beginnings of Christianity with its ancient symbols, as well as other ancient beliefs alive at the time.

Is the celebration of the 25th of December connected only to Christ’s birth…? 


Bernini a Roma (Bernini in Rome).

The name of Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598-1680) is one of the most important in the history of architecture of the Eternal city. Plenty of his works created an incredible look in the center of Rome. Bernini was famous for his monumental projects, perfectly shaped marble statues and fountains full of fantasy and tiny details.

A walking tour through Bernini’s Rome gives you an opportunity to enjoy the artist’s most outstanding and admirable masterpieces.


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‘With the support of the President of the Italian Republic on. Giorgio Napolitano’

Prizes for young researchers:

-Three $600 ISL Presidential Prizes
- One 700€ 24th ISL COngress President Prize
will be awarded for young lymphologists to participate in the 24th International Congress of Lymphology in Rome. Read more
Under Moral Patronage of Most Eminent Highness The Prince and Grand Master Fra’ Matthew Festing

Under the Patronage of Regione Lazio

Under the Patronage of Roma the Capital