24th Congress of ISL – Rome- 16-20 September 2013
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News from the Committee

Poster Rules for the Authors

Guidelines for Poster Presentation to the 24th ISL Congress.

Dear Collauges,we are very pride to let you know that the 24th ISL Congress will show many hundreds of interesting works, so we must set some rules to let every work being shown in the best way.For Poster Presentation, Organizing Committee realized that the best way to show all the works is a multimedia presentation in a dedicated big space.So it will not be a standard PAPER POSTER, but a PowerPoint five (5) slides Presentation.Here are the 5 RULES to the author:

  • 1) Download the PowerPoint Template  at the url  (it is a simple theme with many layouts but all with a blue background and white text you can fill with your own text and image).
  • 2) CREATE your 5 slides with that template  and save it with this filename syntax:  YOURFIRSTNAME_YOURSECONDNAME_YOURCOUNTRY.ppt  (for example if the author is the president Michelini , he will save the poster with this file name: SANDRO_MICHELINI_ITALY.ppt).  If you present more than one POSTER please add a number before the suffix.pptPlease use International roman character to meet filesystem of the computer that will project your slides (NOT ciryllic or asiatic or non roman)
  • 3) Send the file as attachment to the email  before AUGUST 26, using as Object: POSTER PRESENTATION OF YOURFIRSTNAME YOURSECONDNAME YOURCOUNTRY.
  • 4) wait for a confirmation from the webmaster.
  • 5) Prepare the full written version of your Poster for the Proceedings. (we’ll send to every people other Rules to the Authors in a couple of weeks)

Remember that you’ll have five minutes to show the slides and answer to the questions.


Other Details added on August 23


Dear Poster Authors,
 at the end we have around 100 Posters that will presented in the 24th ISL Congress.
After further work meeting, Organizing Committee  decided to improve Poster Presentation considering the best way to show all and to give  more visibility to all the interesting accepted works.
So the final idea is:
1) to let powerpoint buy Cialis online been automatically continuously  shown on big screen in Timothy Hall in the mornings of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and then presented  by authors in the afternoons of the same days (about 100 are divided into 4 afternoons so the same ppt shown in the morning will be presented in the afternoon according the final program timetable). (the morning preview let interested people being informed on the topic of afternoon presentations)
2) The poster will consist of 5 slides (the first containing the names of the authors, the title of the work and the institute / s affiliate, the second work purposes, and the third the materials and methods, results, and the fourth the fifth discussion with the conclusions)
3) The ‘small groups’ slides must be sent to the the email  by August 30 (a term that we can move to 2 September, maximum)
To summarize: the material will be delivered pre-screened ‘continuous cycle’, with a short interval between work and other things, for the whole morning and in the same room in which will be discussed later in the afternoon of the same day, in order to give the chance for everyone to see the poster of each (of course with adequate time for each slide). To give an example: if I have to submit a poster for the afternoon of Tuesday, September 17, my 5 slides will rotate throughout the morning in the same room, alternating with the slides of the other works that will be discussed together with mine, at the same Tuesday afternoon , and so on for the other days.

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Prizes for young researchers:

-Three $600 ISL Presidential Prizes
- One 700€ 24th ISL COngress President Prize
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