24th Congress of ISL – Rome- 16-20 September 2013
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Welcome of President of the Congress.

 SandroDear colleagues and Friends,

 belonging to the great family of worldwide Lymphology – a world, we can say, grown  up until today both in terms of numbers as of experience and knowledge – it’s with great pleasure and honour that I’m starting to organize, with the support of friends Corradino Campisi, honorary President and Francesco Boccardo Co-President, my staff, doctors, therapists,  nurses and  secretariat, the 24th ISL Congress.

 The development of lymphological knowledge in every field of diagnostic is continuously improving the therapeutic and prognostic perspectives, also as the primary and secondary prevention of these diseases.

 If we consider the endless progresses of genetic studies, nuclear medicine as the refinement of ultrasound scan ,CT and angioRMN that are serving more and more as an effective support to Clinic, today the Lymphologist can count on a strong technological advice that is translated into an improved therapeutic and preventive approach .

 The manual and mechanical techniques of drainage – on whose validity we are often discuss during our scientific encounters and that are able to involve more Schools of Thought in a health competition – are more and more associated with increasingly conservative surgical protocols, minimally invasive,  reconstructive, with the aid of drugs and of phytotherapeutic and homeopathic product’s active principles, which complete and enrich the therapeutic context.

 Gone are the days when, you could make correct diagnosis of lymphedema (especially primary). Often this was followed by a negative ‘judgment’ of the doctor who said: ‘unfortunately you should keep it because there is nothing to do ‘.

Today it the concept has turned. The diagnosis of lymphedema is followed by an immediate ‘take over of the patient’ by the Lymphological TEAM that starts, with the patient (who’s the real architect of the final results) involvement, a monitoring that will last over time, but able to allow patients an adequate level of life quality.

 Generally, we can treat the lymphedema and lymphatic diseases but it’s very difficult to cure it; certainly these chronic diseases – which tend worsening clinical course, complications and recurrence – are benefited by treatments able to arrest degeneration and disability in those who are affected

 Diagnosis, treatment and prospects will be discussed in occasion of the next Congress ISL 24 (which will have a previous day dedicated to the Society’s Consensus Document). The event will include multiple scientific sessions devoted to individual clinical problems and inter-societies symposia that will enrich world’s leading experts meetings.

 This important event will be held in Rome, a city that doesn’t need introduction, with its history, its legends, its charm, its climate, its warmth and hospitality.

We wait you with friendship and with an open mind hoping to achieve, thanks to you also, an event that will increase each of us knowledge enabling a fair and open dialogue with exchange of experiences and regards to many patients’ sufferings.

Thanks to ISL for the opportunity allowed and welcome to the “Eternal City”!


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‘With the support of the President of the Italian Republic on. Giorgio Napolitano’

Prizes for young researchers:

-Three $600 ISL Presidential Prizes
- One 700€ 24th ISL COngress President Prize
will be awarded for young lymphologists to participate in the 24th International Congress of Lymphology in Rome. Read more
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